Third Wave Water Minerals - for making the optimal coffee brewing water.
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Third Wave Water Minerals - for making the optimal coffee brewing water.

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These are the perfect combination of minerals that one adds to pure, distilled or reverse osmosis water to make the optimal water for coffee brewing.
In the beer and wine industry the idea of “creating” a specific water by adding a mixture of minerals to distilled or pure water has been around for quite a while.
[In Sweden, the best place to get distilled (or pure) water is with home brewing (beer) stores or webshops. ]
The book Water for Coffee, by Chris Hendon and Maxwell Colonna Dashwood brought more awareness and understanding regarding the composition of minerals in water that impact the flavor of brewed coffee. There are recipes people have created and shared (like the ones by Matt Perger and team at Barista Hustle) but they involve a lot of steps, careful measuring and some understanding of chemistry. Third Wave Water has done all the work for you and has been able to package it so anyone can easily make a great water for brewing coffee.  (If you want to understand more and play chemist, then I highly recommend the book.)
There is a choice between 5 gallon or 1 gallon sized "packets" of Third Wave Water minerals.
The 1 gallon mineral "packets" come in packages of 6 or 12 and the 5 gallon mineral “packets” come in packages of 12 only. 
Classic formula contains magnesium sulfate, calcium citrate, and sodium chloride.
These packets will bring distilled water up to around 150 TDS, the hardness around 4 grains, PH level to around 8, and the Alkalinity to around 30ppm.

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