250g-Bali Kintamani
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250g-Bali Kintamani

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Bali, Kintanmani 

When travelling to Kintamani, Bali to visit the family-owned coffee plantations, Pelan Beans discovered the Tri Hita Karana rituals used by the Balinese farmers. These rituals emphasize the importance of the relationships between people, people and God, and people and the environment. This balanced and holistic view leads to the coffee being grown and harvested in an environmentally friendly and natural way. The Typica, Lini-S, and Catimore trees grow between 1200-1400 masl in volcanic soil. The coffee is hand picked and fully washed processing is used.

Sourced by: Pelan Beans

Varietals: Typica, Lini-S, and Catimore

Flavor notes: Smooth, sweet and chocolaty with hints of citrus. When brewed as an espresso, there is more intensity with more of the citrus coming through.

Works with all brew methods

Shipping for 1 or 2 bags: included in price within Sweden, +50kr Rest of World

Roast Date: 2017-05-19

Size: 250g (8.8oz) bags

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