250g-Nicaragua,  Buena Vista Farm - Natural (dry) process
The Beautiful Bean

250g-Nicaragua, Buena Vista Farm - Natural (dry) process

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Nicaragua, San Fernando -  Buena Vista Farm - Roger Herrera - Washed process

This is one of a duo of coffees, each from the same harvest, but each using a different process to remove the fruit from the seed (or coffee bean). Fully focused on quality, ethical practices, and environmental sustainability, Roger Herrera and the miller, exporter Francisco Valle, have produced two beautiful, elegant coffees that are perfect for the holiday season (or anytime for that matter...)

For a ”Natural” process, the coffee cherries are dried on raised beds under cover to stay protected from the rain and direct sun. They are turned regularly and then once dry enough, the fruit is mechanically removed. 

The Hillsides of Buena Vista Farm

The Hillsides of Buena Vista Farm

The Herrera family now owns and operates four farms and an ecological wet mill in the region. Three farms are managed by the oldest three brothers, the fourth, Buena Vista, by father Roger Esau.  Although the farms are separate, all resources are pooled for efficiency.  A shared view is the preservation of nature, over one third of the owned landed is uncultivated. Consequently. the abundant streams and waterfalls boasts a lively population of birds, including the legendary Quetzal.

Roger Esau Herrera Ortez - Buena Vista Farm -  Expocamo

Roger Esau Herrera Ortez, Winner 5th Place in Nicaragua Cup of Excellence 2017

Sourced by: This Side Up Coffees via the miller and exporter Expocamo in Nicaragua

Varietals: Red and yellow catuaí

Flavor notes:  Caramel sweetness, tangerine and lingering floral notes.

Works with all brew methods

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Size: 250g (8.8oz) bags