About us

The Beautiful Bean is a small batch specialty coffee roastery based in Sweden.

Michel, the founder and roaster, on a typical roasting day with the Proaster CR-01.

Our motto: "Be Good, Do Good."

We try to be good and do good as we find good coffee.

We care about high quality coffee, but we also care about the people who produce, process, distribute, roast, serve, and drink it, as well as our world and environment. Therefore, we work hard to find coffees that are both exceptional and produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. We hope that through our words and actions as a business and as individuals, we can create positive change. This is the core value that drives us forward.

We love the world of coffee with all of its variations and subtle flavors and we enjoy the collaboration and cooperation needed to bring these beautiful beans from a farm to your cup.

Our Values

It is important to us to have a positive impact, to be open, to share knowledge and experience and to make high quality coffee accessible to customers in a warm and welcoming manner.

Some History

We started out in early 2016 by roasting and selling the same blend that Michel used to win the Silver medal in the Swedish Specialty Coffee Roasting Championship. Since then, we have roasted several other coffees and currently, there are coffees from Colombia, Nicaragua and Thailand available.

Michel's Silver Medal Blend, our first coffee

Michel's Silver Medal Blend, the first coffee...
(in the first version of our packaging)


 Ata, the farmer, trying his coffee roasted by Michel

Ata, the farmer in Thailand, trying his coffee
he grew and then roasted by Michel.
We will be offering three coffees
from Ata this 2017 season.

We do small events like tastings as well as larger ones such as film showings, and short courses.

We are looking forward to what the future may hold.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. 

/Michel - Founder, Roaster

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